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Frequently Asked Questions

Arkanoe provides everything you need for a safe and enjoyable canoe or kayaking experience including paddles, life vests, boats and shuttle.

Arkanoe floats rain or shine. In the event of impending severe weather, your float will be re-scheduled for the earliest possible date.

Can I just walk up and rent an item? No. All of our reservations are pre-booked through the website. Same day bookings are subject to a same day charge of $10 per item and must be reserved by calling 620.664.7708.

Should I rent a tube or kayak? Tubes are pretty popular. Often when deciding whether or not to go with a tube or a kayak, never having had a float experience, folks pick the tube as the easiest alternative - ‘I’ve never been in a kayak before...’ For those in the know, tubes appeal to a certain type of floater. Tubes can quickly become a ‘wild ride’ as the floater is at the mercy of the current. As the season progresses the water levels recede, tubers may run aground on shallow sandbars and can encounter other obstacles that, in higher water, they would float right over. These are longer journeys and can become difficult depending on conditions. You should always be prepared to be wet the entire trip. Sunscreen is a must. The float from the 4th Street bridge to Carey Park can take as long as 4hrs.

Kayaks can be a bit intimidating, they look unstable and for a lot of folks, they immediately think of rapids and white water. Kayaks on the slow meandering Arkansas river definitely have their advantages! They are nimble and easily maneuvered around obstacles. Easy to steer, a kayaker can stop at multiple sandbars along the way. Having a storage compartment and stow space in the boat make it a breeze to take a lunch and plenty of beverages. As the water levels go down, a kayak’s ability to float in shallow water allows it to glide over banks and track the deeper channel. The Arkansas river is navigable year-round by kayak! Kansas wind can be persistent. The kayaks low profile makes it perfect choice for the Arkansas. Virtually unaffected by Kansas winds kayaks are easy to keep straight, even in a head wind. Kayaks can be a bit tricky getting in and out of. If you get wet, more than likely you were getting into or out of your boat! The trip from the 4th Street bridge to Carey Park can be made in as little as one and a half hours floating straight through.

Do I have to wear my life vest? Kansas law states that all boaters under the age of 11 must wear a life jacket at all times. Persons over the age of 11, while not required to wear a vest at all times, must have a vest in the boat at all times. Arkanoe encourages all of our floaters to wear their life vest.

Is alcohol allowed on the river? Kegs, party balls, glass bottles, etc. are not permitted on the river. Furthermore, it is unlawful to operate a watercraft in Kansas while intoxicated. Arkanoe, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to those individuals who are visibly intoxicated. Most problems that occur on the river are alcohol related. We feel strongly that if you are going to drink, please do so responsibly. Limit your alcohol intake to a safe and responsible level, a little goes a long way in the Kansas summer sun.

Can I take a cooler? Personal, lunch sized coolers are the best option for our floaters. The smaller coolers will fit easily in the stow compartment or in the bow of the kayak. Tubers find it easy to clip a small cooler directly to the tube.

Is there an age limit? While we have had kayakers as young as eight years old, only you know your child's abilities and limitations.

Will I get wet? Plan on it.

Can I bring my dog? No. While there are no restriction against taking your pet on the river, we do not allow pets on the bus.

Should I take my cell phone? We would not recommend taking anything with you that you do not want to lose. If you choose to take your phone with you, be sure it is secure in a watertight container or dry box.

If it storms, can I get a refund? All sales are final. In the event of severe weather, your float will be rescheduled. Follow our Facebook page for updates on weather and water conditions, cancellations and other announcements.

How long does a trip take? A trip can take as little as 1.5hrs in a kayak. A tube trip can take as long as 4hrs depending on conditions. All of our rentals are 4hr rentals.

Are there restrooms on the river? There are restrooms at the Carey Park rendezvous location only. Go before you go!

Know Before You Go

  • Conditions vary and floaters should be aware of their abilities, experience, weather and water conditions.
  • You should bring water, sunscreen, bug spray, appropriate foot wear and a hat to protect against the elements.

The Arkansas River is a public waterway. We ask that you do your part to maintain its scenic beauty by packing out what you pack in - and then some.

"Give a hoot, don’t pollute!" - Shorty